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Barrett Magill's "Highland Dew" New Book

April 2018

About Me

My background

Retired after 35 years as a Registered Nurse. Moved to the High Desert of New Mexico

My writing roots

I began writing a medical thriller that grew like the ever expanding "Herman" bread dough. I got serious about writing with my first attempt at National Novel Writers Month in 2008. That required 50K words written in 30 days.

Since then I've published six novels and three novellas.

My style

I consider myself an evolving "panster" (writes without an outline--"seat-of-the-pants") On my last story I made an attempt at using an outline. Results are pending.

My Updates on the Book Journey

Highland Dew Excerpt

A brief reading

"Highland Dew"

Original song by Yarin Swid

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Barrett Magill's "Highland Dew"